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Yippie Yay! Salon day!


Dress up, invite friends, and have a salon party at home with LoveDabble's pretend play salon kit for children! Explore endless ways to play with various components, including eyeshadow, brush pen, and face mask.  

By participating in salon activities, parents can support their children's development and build a stronger parent-child relationship.

What's in the game?

• SALON KIT for kids ages 3-7.
• IN THE BOX - 3 New friends and 18 Pretend play components (brush pen, perfume, comb, lipstick, and more).
• DIVERSE CHARACTERS in the kit to foster cultural sensitivity in children.
• LIFE SKILLS - Promotes personal grooming, hygiene, and self-confidence.
• ENHANCES creativity and imagination, develops vocabulary, improves fine motor skills.