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Pirate’s Paradise

A mysterious island in the middle of the ocean is hidden away from civilization. Only the pirates know of its existence. Over the years, many pirate crews have used the island as the venue for a friendly but fierce contest, a contest that crowns the Pirate Champion. As captain of your crew, it is your mission to win this glorious tournament. Loot, swindle, and outsmart the other captains to gather the most Skullings and win! Yo Ho Ho!

What's in the game?

• PIRATE’S PARADISE 2-4 player board game for ages 6-99.
• IN THE BOX - 1 Game board, 4 Pirate figurines, 64 Skulling coins, 32 Shrat coins, 1 Spinner, 1 Die, 1 Instruction sheet, 1 Eye patch, 1 Pirate hat, 2 Moustaches.
• BE STRATEGIC - This strategy game is the ultimate pirate adventure—the player who collects 5 Skullings first wins!
• BOND WITH FAMILY - Enjoy quality time and strengthen parent-child relationships.
• PROMOTES healthy competition, ignites strategic thinking, enhances social skills.