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My Super Human Body

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A diagrammatic, easy-to-understand human body puzzle kit for early learners.


Select from 5 different charts to build the human body puzzle. The charts cover diverse topics such as the skeletal system, muscular system, and internal and external organs, among others. 

Trivia cards

Play as a family with 24 cards that include trivia, true or false, and other fun questions! 


Mix and match the jumbo-sized magnetic jigsaw pieces on the board to understand the human body.

What's in the game?

• HUMAN BODY PUZZLE for kids ages 5-12.
• IN THE BOX - 1 Puzzle board, 90 Magnetic puzzle pieces, 5 Charts, 24 Trivia cards
• SIMPLIFIED FOR KIDS - Easy-to-understand diagrams, puzzles, and explanations.
• DIVERSE CHARACTERS in the kit to foster cultural sensitivity in children.
• ENCOURAGES logical thinking, improves hand-eye coordination, strengthens problem-solving skills.