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Gilly Gilly O Gella

Witch Plentifulla’s tower is filled with treasure. Beat the other mages to the top of the tower and claim the fortune. But beware…the path is full of traps and surprises! So make haste, ye treasure seeker!

What's in the game?

• GILLY GILLY O GELLA 2-4 player board game for ages 6-99.
• IN THE BOX - 1 Game board, 4 Mage figurines, 4 Cauldrons, 36 Ingredient tokens, 34 Consequence cards, 1 Die, 1 Instruction sheet.
• HUNT FOR THE TREASURE - A classic game where the first to reach the treasure wins.
• BOND WITH FAMILY - Enjoy quality time and strengthen parent-child relationships.
• PROMOTES healthy competition, ignites strategic thinking, enhances social skills.