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Dino Discovery

Explore the vast jungles of Fossilla for prehistoric relics. Trade them to the Museum for spectacular dino fossil tokens! How many fossils can you get your hands on?

What's in the game?

• DINO DISCOVERY 2-4 player board game for ages 6-99.
• IN THE BOX - 1 Game board, 4 Player figurines, 15 Relicoins, 15 Egg tokens, 9 Dino fossil tokens, 1 Spinner, 1 Die, 1 Instruction sheet.
• LEARN ABOUT DINOSAURS - What did they eat, how tall were they, what were they good at, and more!
• BOND WITH FAMILY - Enjoy quality time and strengthen parent-child relationships.
• PROMOTES healthy competition, ignites strategic thinking, enhances social skills.