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Monkey On The Loose!

It is the perfect day at the safari park. You and your friends are in your jeeps feeding the animals. But there’s a cheeky monkey causing havoc! It is swinging from the trees, blocking the road, sitting on your bonnets, and making your jeeps steer off the road into the marsh. Now it is up to you and your pals to get the jeeps out and finish feeding the animals before the monkey traps all of you in the mud!

What's in the game?

• MONKEY ON THE LOOSE 2-4 player board game for ages 4-99.
• IN THE BOX - 1 Monkey figurine, 4 Jeep figurines, 5 Food tokens, 1 Game board, 1 Die, 1 Instruction sheet.
• CO-OP BOARD GAME - Play together to beat the monkey on the loose!
• BOND WITH FAMILY - Enjoy quality time and strengthen parent-child relationships.
• PROMOTES healthy competition, ignites strategic thinking, enhances social skills.