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Frame the Fake

You are posing as a visitor at the museum, but your real motive is to steal some of the famous paintings on display. Will you succeed, or will the other art thieves outsmart you?

What's in the game?

• FRAME THE FAKE 2-4 player board game for ages 8-99.
• IN THE BOX -1 Game board, 4 Player figurines, 4 Briefcases, 8 Reputation tokens, 5 Original painting cards, 20 Fake painting cards, 5 Stands, 10 Museum pass cards, 1 Invisible ink pen with UV light, 1 Die, 1 Instruction booklet.
• FALL IN LOVE with problem-solving.
• BOND WITH FAMILY - Enjoy quality time and strengthen parent-child relationships.
• PROMOTES healthy competition, ignites strategic thinking, enhances social skills.